Our maxims in roasting

Rich, clear taste and maintaining the sweetness of the coffee cherry. This is the maxim under which we roast. And it starts with choosing the right coffees.

We are always looking for new coffees from around the world, and we are always discovering new coffee farms, but we also keep coming back to our long-time partners and friends. It helps us that we are judges in the Cup of Excellence initiative, tasting the truly best coffees in different growing regions each year, but the work doesn't end there. After selecting the samples, we start with what is known as blind roasting, in which we compare very small quantities at different temperatures and for different durations. Here, many coffees already fall out, but even with our favorites, there is still a lot of testing and tasting to do until we find a roasting profile that meets our standards of richness, clarity and sweetness.

Filter and Espresso Roasting
In tendency, espresso is roasted at slightly higher temperatures and dwell time to reduce acids. Filter coffee is a bit faster and gets less heat to bring out the sweet components and make the bean a bit more soluble. But for all coffees, we take the time it takes to make the best coffee product from the green raw material.

We always roast maximum quantities of 22 kilos on our brand new Probat UG22, so we always maintain precise control over the result.