French Press

The French Press

Coffee lovers around the world swear by the French Press - a simple but effective device that conjures up a cup of aromatic coffee. But where does the French Press actually come from and how do you use it to prepare the perfect coffee?

The French Press, also known as the press pot, Bodum pot or cafetière, was invented in France, as the name suggests. The story goes that it was discovered by accident around the middle of the 19th century. A Frenchman forgot to boil his coffee along with the water and decided, without further ado, to pour the hot water over the coffee powder and then filter the coffee grounds. This method proved to be extremely effective and led to the development of the French Press. However, the patent for the French Press was not registered until 1929 by the Italian designer Attilio Calimani.

But how do you make really good coffee with the French Press? Here are the steps to get the most out of your cup of French Press coffee.

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