The fascinating world of aroma compounds in coffee: A journey through taste and smell

For many people, coffee is not only an invigorating drink, but also a source of sensual pleasure. The rich and distinctive taste of coffee is created by a variety of aroma compounds, which are responsible for both the flavour and the enticing aroma. In this blog post, we'll take a look at the fascinating world of flavourings, examine how they are created in coffee and learn how best to obtain them.

Flavourings are chemical substances that determine the typical taste and smell of food. There are three main categories of flavourings: natural, nature-identical and artificial. Natural flavouring substances come from plant or animal sources and can be extracted by various processes. About 10,000 flavouring substances have been identified in nature so far, of which about 2,500 are used to produce flavours. There is an amazing variety of flavouring substances in coffee, some of which have not yet been fully explored.

The path of the aroma compounds in coffee begins with the green, unroasted coffee beans, which contain a variety of ingredients, including chlorogenic acid. During the roasting process, heat destroys many of these ingredients and creates new compounds, including the aroma compounds in coffee. The longer the coffee beans are roasted, the more intense and varied the aromas become. Therefore, the roasting process is crucial for the unique taste of the coffee we love.

To ensure that the precious aromatic substances in the coffee are not lost, proper storage is of great importance. It is recommended to store coffee in the form of whole beans instead of buying it already ground. This preserves the aromas for longer, as grinding increases contact with air and moisture, which can lead to a faster degradation of the aromatic substances. In addition, the coffee should be protected from heat and oxygen to preserve the quality of the flavours. Packaging with an aroma valve provides an effective way to keep the coffee fresh and aromatic.

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