Kaffeeplantage Guatemala

Guatemala | Central America

The Jesuits brought coffee plants to Guatemala as early as 1750. Since then, predominantly Arabica, especially the Bourbon and Caturra varieties, have been grown on around 270,000 hectares. In the southwest of the country, a smaller proportion of Robusta also thrives at lower altitudes. The volcanoes, some of which are still active, provide fertile, nutrient-rich soils, which is why coffee is grown everywhere in Guatemala. Due to the large number of different climatic zones and different cultivation altitudes, there are sometimes great differences in taste.

Coffee from Guatemala convinces with its clear body and restrained acidity. A pleasant spicy-smoky aroma is found in all beans from Guatemala. Depending on the growing region, some beans convince with a natural sweetness and fine notes of chocolate and caramel, while others awaken memories of flowers and citrus fruits.