Kaffeeplantage Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico | Central America

Puerto Rico is one of the smallest coffee producing countries in the world. The first Coffea seedlings arrived in the Caribbean country around 1750, and these days primarily the Coffea-Arabica varieties of Typica, Catimor, Pacas and Bourbon are grown.

Puerto Rico has an ideal climate for growing coffee, with average temperatures of around 28ºC, though it gets a little cooler in the highlands. On top of that, the soils are extremely fertile, and the local practice is to cultivate diverse crops together, giving a very high nutrient density on the farms.

Sadly, adverse political conditions, high production costs and climate change all mean that coffee production in Puerto Rico is now in decline.

Puerto Rican coffee has a low acidity and a full body. It has an aromatic, long-lasting flavour that develops nutty and spicy notes.