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Although China is known for its teas, the country's coffee should not be underestimated.

In 1887, coffee came to China through French missionaries. However, it was to take many years before the big breakthrough. Around 1988, production soared thanks to a project by the Chinese government, the World Bank and the United Nations Development Program to boost the coffee industry. Especially locally and among young people, coffee enjoyment is gaining popularity. Which is because the Chinese have a tea tradition. They like to try new things and Specialty Coffee is especially popular.

Only 5% of the coffee grown is Robusta, a full 95% is Arabica coffee, grown mainly in Yunnan province. Depending on the variety, altitude and processing method, the flavors can vary greatly.

The cup profile is characterized by a rather full, creamy body, accompanied by subtle acids and natural sweetness. The cup is complemented by well-balanced notes of juicy fruit as well as subtle hints of nuts, chocolate and caramel.