Karlsbader Kanne bzw. Bayreuther Kaffeekanne

Karlsbader Pot aka Bayreuther Coffee Pot

Karlsbader Kanne Brew Guide Widgets for 19grams Coffee

The Karlsbader Kanne, a timeless and elegant method for brewing excellent coffee, consists of four porcelain parts. The coffee is filtered through a fine, double-glazed porcelain sieve. Thanks to the completely flavor-neutral porcelain, the Kanne ensures that the coffee's aromas shine through beautifully. Hailing from Walküre Porzellan in Bayreuth, the Karlsbader Kanne is an authentic classic. The brewing tips for the Karlsbader Kanne also apply to its "little sister," the Bayreuther Kaffeekanne.

1. Pay attention to grinding the coffee for the Karlsbader Kanne on the coarsest setting. We recommend a coarse grind, as it leads to a slow and even extraction of the coffee's flavors. Moreover, no coffee grounds pass through the fine porcelain sieve. The result: your coffee is fuller-bodied and more nuanced. If possible, use a grinder with a flat burr system. This type of grinder ensures uniform grinding, providing consistent results. A manual grinder with an appropriate mechanism is also suitable.

2. Use 10g of coffee per cup. For the best results, we recommend 350ml of water for 22g of coffee.

3. Begin by moistening the coffee grounds in the porcelain filter with a small amount of water. Wait for 30 seconds and observe how the coffee starts to swell. This swelling is essential as it allows the water to release the flavors better from the start. After 30 seconds, gently pour the remaining water into the water distributor of the Kanne.

4. Once the desired amount of water has passed through, remove the porcelain filter and place the lid on top. Enjoy! By the way, used coffee grounds (especially from organic sources) make excellent plant fertilizer. Simply mix the coffee grounds into the soil.

5. Now, sit back and savor your coffee in relaxation!