Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee is a trendy coffee that particularly appeals to nutrition geeks: the idea behind it is that the combination of healthy fats and caffeine energises the body and brain while reducing food cravings.

Bulletproof Coffee is a special coffee made with a blend of MCT oil (medium-length triglycerides) and grass-fed butter or ghee (clarified butter).

Bulletproof Coffee has no carbohydrates at all and so can be a great breakfast option in the Ketogenic diet.

Who invented it?

The origin of Bulletproof Coffee can be traced back to Dave Asprey, who claims that during a trip to Tibet he drank a cup of yak butter tea (a mixture of tea, yak butter and salt), which gave him energy and mental clarity. He then experimented with different types of butter and oils to reproduce the same effect in a similar drink.

The result of his experiments is his own Bulletproof Coffee, after which he named his company, which now markets a whole range of nutritional supplements.

What is the best way to make Bulletproof Coffee?

Among fitness junkies and biohackers, as well as other professional athletes, Bulletproof Coffee is something of a magic bullet. Bulletproof coffee is said to trigger a quick and lasting energy boost.

Making your own Bulletproof Coffee is very easy, you will need:

Ingredients for Bulletproof Coffee:
200 ml filter coffee
1 tsp bloody good butter (of your choice)
1 tsp MCT oil (or other oil, e.g. coconut oil)

How to make it:

Choose a medium roasted filter coffee, for example our Spring Bloom Filterblend. 1:

1. brew the coffee: the French press or with the V60 work well in terms of taste. Be sure to reduce the recipe to the amount needed, if necessary. 2.
2. put the coffee, oil and butter in the blender and set it on the highest setting to make a creamy and homogeneous liquid. Do not add sugar, as this will destroy the effect of the Bulletproof Coffee. 3.
Pour the mixture into a glass or cup and enjoy it instead of a "normal" breakfast, preferably as part of a basically ketogenic diet.

How does Bulletproof Coffee work?

The combination of caffeine and saturated fatty acids, especially MCT oil, is thought to be responsible for this effect. The MCT oil provides long-lasting energy, while the caffeine is released more slowly due to the fat. These so-called ketone bodies serve as an energy source and can easily pass the blood-brain barrier to supply the brain with energy. Unlike glucose, ketone bodies provide long-lasting energy without negatively affecting blood sugar levels. Bulletproof coffee also stimulates fat metabolism because the body is in ketosis mode.

It is important to make a basic switch to the ketogenic diet (we at 19grams are of course not nutritionists or doctors, so we recommend consulting one if in doubt):

What is the Ketogenic Diet? The aim of the Ketogenic Diet is to switch the metabolism to ketosis as efficiently as possible. This, in turn, means that the body gets most of its energy from fats, rather than from carbohydrates - as is the case with most diets. Bulletproof Coffee can be a part of a ketogenic diet strategy, as it claims to replace a classic breakfast.

Bulletproof Coffee can be a part of a ketogenic diet strategy, as it claims to replace a classic breakfast. Since the average German breakfast (rolls, muesli, jam) is very carb-heavy, Bulletproof Coffee offers a way to avoid the morning carb intake and thus lay the foundation for a ketogenic diet right at the beginning of the day.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bulletproof Coffee?

There are supporters and critics of this coffee preparation. Some people swear it makes them feel energised and more focused, while others are sceptical and see the high calorie and fat content as a concern.

It's important to point out that Bulletproof Coffee is not a substitute for a balanced diet, but should be considered a supplement.

It is particularly useful if you are basically changing your diet to ketogenic. Here, fat and protein in particular are used as energy suppliers and. This is not useful on its own, but can be very effective in combination with a ketogenic diet.