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The coffee is grown at 1100 meters above sea level and undergoes a natural 72-hour carbonic maceration. In the cup, this filter roast tastes of heavy sweet notes of dark cocoa, black cherry and strawberry jam.

About this Coffee

The processing of this lot from Soares Farm is relatively unusual: similar to the processing of grapes in wine, the cherries are sorted after harvest and differentiated into ripe, underripe and overripe. While the ripe and underripe cherries go to the wet mill, the overripe or "passa" cherries are sent to the courtyard to dry. Here, the passa cherries are laid out in layers 20 cm thick. This serves to reduce the oxygen content in the cherry and bring the temperature to 42°C for fermentation. After 48 hours, fermentation is complete and the cherry is spread out at a rate of approximately 20 liters per m². Here the cherries are turned 12 times a day for 16 days until the correct moisture content is reached. Finally, the parchment coffee is transported to the dry mill about 3.5 km away at Fazenda Santa Cecilia, Pedro's largest farm. From here it is prepared for export.

About the Farm

The Soares Farm is located in the lagoon of the Soares region, an important reference point in Carmo do Paranaíba, Brazil.

Pedro Umberto Veloso is the owner of Soares Farm, in the 80's this small farm was the first one he acquired. It is named after the stream that runs through the middle of the farm. It creates a microclimate on the farm and in the immediate surroundings that allows for the special processing of the coffees and

When Pedro began acquiring new land for coffee cultivation in the 1980s, Fazenda Soares, small by today's standards, was one of his first achievements. Named after the stream that runs through the farm, the microclimate and special preparation allows Soares to produce some truly spectacular coffees.

Was du über diesen Kaffee wissen solltest

Kaffee aus Brazil











Empfohlenes Brühverhältnis
16gr to 250gr Water, Brewing time ca. 2,5 - 3 mins


Charakter: A brazilian coffee - roasted for filter - that has been processed with a 72h Maceration method.

Über den Kaffee

Varietät: Red Catuaì

Verarbeitung: 72h Co2 Maceration

Anbauhöhe: 1100 masl

Düngemethode: ecologic

Erntejahr: 2020

Erntezeit: May - Sept

Ort der Verarbeitung: on the farm

Trocknungszeit: 16 Days

Über die Farm

Farm: Soares Farm

Ort: Carmo do Paranaíbe

Kaffeefarmer: Pedro Humberto Veloso

Betreiberform: owner led farm

über die Farm: Pedro pays lots of attention to experiment and give his coffees new exciting flavour profiles.

Zusammenarbeit: new partner

Bloody Good Filter

Kaffee ist eine Frucht mit vielen natürlichen Fruchtsäuren. Wir rösten unsere Kaffees, um diese Säuren herauszustellen, aber auch die Süße hervorzuheben. Wenn unsere Röster ein Geschmacksprofil für einen Filterkaffee entwickeln, wird diese vor allem eine etwas niedrigere Temperatur als bei unseren Espresso-Röstungen. In unseren Kaffees bringen wir das natürliche Geschmacksprofil der jeweiligen Varietät, aber auch das Terroir ihrer Origin zur Geltung. Um süße Töne zu betonen, achten wir beim Rösten besonders auf die Karamellisierung. Ein heikler Moment: Zu viel Karamellisierung kann die Komplexität des Kaffees abflachen. Mit unseren Filterröstungen zielen wir darauf ab, süße Töne und helle fruchtige Aromen zu betonen. Mit einer teeähnlichen Textur und einem samtiges Mundgefühl.

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