La Requia Geisha Natural - Peru Filter

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About the coffee

The La Requia coffee plantation is located in the middle of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Asháninka Yánesha, Villa Rica. In this coffee growing area, biodiversity, nature conservation and economic development of the resident coffee farms are the priority. We are pleased to present in particular with this coffee in the form of a women's project! 

The La Requia Geisha Peru is an excellent natural Geisha filter coffee. This was grown at 1600 meters altitude and thus convinces with a nice elegant acidity in combination with a pleasant light sweetness of candied almond. The fruity touch of summer, which reminds us of peach iced tea, stimulates the taste buds and awakens the anticipation of warm temperatures. Due to the long ripening time of the coffee cherries, the nutty and slightly vanilla aromas, which recall similarities with the Pandan plant, are elicited from the Geisha coffee.


About the farm

The Finca La Requia is managed by Tania Andrade Gabancho. It is a small farm where much emphasis is placed on quality, sustainability and holistic integration with the local community. At an altitude of 1600 m, the organically grown Arabica coffee varieties Typica, Caturra, Bourbon and Geisha are cultivated. Some of the lots have already won awards, thanks especially to the Geisha coffees with their remarkably complex flavor profiles.  Interesting Fact: The finca has a certificate for its deliberately "child-friendly" approach, because child labor is an absolute no-go for Tania Gabancho.

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