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3 x 250g single variety specialty coffees

One set, three coffees! Get 3x250g of our fresh filter roasts and discover our single-origin coffees in the regularly changing coffee tasting set.

Come with us on a journey through our coffee world. In this filter coffee set are 3 x 250g of the finest single origin coffees. We always put this set together anew. Let yourself be surprised which 3 varieties of the best single origin coffees we choose for you. Since we always offer only the best coffees from our current seasonal assortment, our assortment is constantly changing, so the sent coffees do not match the pictured coffees.


If you look at the location of the coffee-growing regions, they extend as a broad coffee belt around the equator. Harvest times in these areas are based on the position of the sun and move from north to south throughout the year. In coffee-growing regions north of the equator, such as Costa Rica, India and Ethiopia, the main coffee harvesting season is between September and December. In coffee-growing countries south of the equator, such as Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, harvesting usually begins in April or May and can last until August. Exceptions are countries like Ecuador, Colombia or Rwanda and Kenya. These growing regions are located directly on the equator and, at the right altitudes, can produce coffee all year round.

The 19grams Roasting Style

Rich, clear in flavour and retaining the sweetness of the coffee cherry. That is the maxim under which we roast. We are always on the lookout for new coffees from all over the world and we are always discovering new coffee farms, but we also keep coming back to our long-time partners and friends. It helps that we are judges in the Cup of Excellence initiative, tasting the truly best coffees in different growing regions every year, but the work doesn't stop there. After selecting the samples, we start with the so-called blind roasting, in which we compare very small quantities at different temperatures and for different durations. Here, many coffees already fall out, but even with our favourites, there is still a lot of testing and tasting to do until we have found a roasting profile that meets our standards of richness, clarity and sweetness.

Bloody Good Filter

Coffee is a fruit - it contains strong acidities. Keeping this in mind, we roast our coffees to develop these acidities but also highlight sweetness. When our roasters develop a flavour profile for a filter coffee they focus on a slightly lower temperature than our Espresso roasts. In our coffees we showcase the natural flavor profile of the distinct varietal but also the terroir of their Origin. To accent sweet tones the we pay special attention to the caramelization during roasting. But this moment is a delicate game: too much caramelization can flatten the complexity of the coffee. With our Filter roasts we aim to accent sweet tones and bright fruity flavours. They will have a tea like texture and velvety mouthfeel.

coffee filter 19grams

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