Home Office Coffee Set

€36,90 / kg

Whole BeanV60/Kalita

Make your home office more beautiful with our Home Office Coffee Set!

Now on special offer price for 36.90€ instead of 40.60€

Our Homeoffice Coffee Set brings you 2 aromatic filter coffees home incl. a V60 coffee filter and matching filter paper.
Make your home office more beautiful with our Homeoffice Coffee Set. Best 19grams filter coffee freshly brewed, when you want, as much as you want. It's a great way to start your home office day awake and productive! The coffee you can choose as a whole bean or ground.

The Homeoffice Coffee Set contains:

2 x 250g best filter coffee from our seasonally changing range

1 x Hario V60 filter holder size 2 made of lightweight and heat-resistant acrylic
This filter holder is stable and guarantees an even extraction of the coffee through the innovative design. Due to the thin acrylic walls, very little heat is drawn from the coffee compared to ceramic filters and thus cools down more slowly. The capacity of the filter holder is sufficient for one to four cups of the finest coffee.

1 pack Hario V60 paper filters 100 pcs, size 2
The Hario V60 paper filters fit perfectly with the Hario V60 filters size 2. The paper of the Hario V60 paper filters is particularly fine-pored and ensures a tasty filter coffee.

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