Finca Morelia Caturra Lot#2 Colombia Espresso
Finca La Morelia in Kolumbien
Birne, Butterscotch, Honig

€55,60 / kg

Whole BeanV60 / KalitaChemexFrenchpressganze BohneV60/Kalita

One of two exciting Caturra lots from Finca Morelia in Colombia. The Caturra variety develops flavors of butterscotch through the long fermentation. Also, juicy acids of pear and sweet honey!

These Caturra beans from Finca Morelia in Colombia are Lot #2, which we have brought to Berlin for you. 

The Finca Morelia is located in the Huila Departamento, a province in the southwest of Colombia. At 1770m above sea level, the Caturra coffee plants of farmer Miller Walles Cruz grow there. Miller decided 15 years ago to exchange sugar cane for coffee. Since then, he has experimented with growing different varieties and processing methods. It was very important to him to leave part of his land untouched, so as not to destroy the biodiversity of the surrounding area.

Only when the coffee cherries are fully ripe are they harvested by hand before being weighed and sorted. Sorting is done in huge water tanks - anything that is unripe, overripe or rotten floats to the top and is skimmed off. After 36 hours in the water bath, the beans are ready for fermentation. For this, the slightly softened coffee cherries go into a tank where they rest for 48 hours and intensify their flavor.

When the fermentation process is complete, the beans dry in the sun for 25 days.

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