Single Cup Filter Coffee Dripper - Sonora Geisha Natural
3,20 €

320,00 € / kg

The must-have in your survival pack for the (urban) jungle: Just new in your apartment and forgotten in which box your brewing equipment is? Or no equipment at home at all? And you still want the best coffee in your cup? With our disposable coffee drippers, you can easily brew a cup of coffee, no matter where you are: Easy in the hotel, on the road with a tent, on the bike, or even at home.

The 19grams Single Use Drippers come with two of our best coffees: Sonora Geisha Natural and Don Martin Geisha Enano! Take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy outstanding coffee in a small amount, without directly buying a whole bag. 

Sonora Geisha Natural

Mango, passion fruit, honey

About the coffee

Another unique Geisha Coffee from Hacienda Sonora. This time processed as 'natural' which makes the coffee extra exciting. "Intense" is the best way to describe this coffee.

Intense tropical aromas, intense fruity mango on the tongue and intense syrupy body. This Geisha Coffee is a full flavor explosion - it practically jumps out of the cup. With notes of passion fruit and honey, it is balanced by a lingering sweetness.

'Natural' means that after harvesting, the fully ripe coffee cherries are spread out on the patio with their skins, including their pulp, dried by the sun and then sculptured. During this process, the coffee beans absorb the full sweetness of the fruit.

Be sure to also try our Sonora Geisha Honey Coffee. This gives you the unique opportunity to enjoy two Geisha Coffees from one farm with different processing methods.

About the farm

Alberto Guardìa has been growing coffee for over 50 years. His family farm - with the sonorous name Hacienda Sonora, is located on the fertile foothills of the famous Poas Volcano in the West Valley, Costa Rica. 

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