Dimtu Tero Natural - Ethiopia Espresso
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Blueberry, Toffee, Cherry

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We have roasted these special coffee beans for espresso to bring out its fruity and floral aromas. Notes of blueberry, toffee and cherry rounding off the flavour profile in a unique way.

About the coffee

We have roasted our Dimtu Tero Natural beans for espresso - espresso preparation methods. The natural processing of this heirloom variety allows the fruity notes to stand out as they do in African coffees.

Our coffee comes from Odo Shakiso, Guji, which is located in the south of the country in the Oromia region near the Kenyan border. Even the basic quality of the coffees from this region is exceptional. As is so often the case in Ethiopia, the actual coffee cherries are a blend of several varieties that have prevailed in the region over the centuries. Selected local varieties like Certo and Wolisho mix with ancient genetic coffee lines that still exist as wild trees. This is unique in the world. This is where coffee originated. In general, these special blends of Ethiopian coffees are called "Ethiopian Heirloom".

About the farm

The soils in Guji are volcanic and rich in minerals. Ideal, therefore, for the demanding Arabica coffee plant.

The beans come from the Dimtu Tero Farm, whose founder and manager is Getachew Zeleke. And he has ambitious goals: he wants to take the leading role in quality, transparency and sustainability in Guji's coffee sector. And he is convinced that he will succeed with the smallholders from Odo Shikasu.

It is important to Getachew that the smallholders he works with are partners at eye level and equal actors within the value chain. Together, Getachewe and about 140 farmers from the villages of Tero, Jelewo Anona, Mancity and Hangadi have built a thriving and sustainable coffee community.

The smallholder farmers who supply coffee cherries to Dimtu Tero Farm receive above-average payment for their harvest as well as coffee seeds and equipment, thereby committing themselves to the ambition and motivation to grow and harvest the best coffee in the region.

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Was du über diesen Kaffee wissen solltest

Kaffee aus Ethiopia



Espresso Machine

Espresso Machine





Empfohlenes Brühverhältnis

1:2, 19gr coffee grounds for 40gr Espresso yield, brewing time: 30-35 secs.


Charakter: Fruity-exciting Heirloom from Ethiopia with flavour notes of peach, jasmine and blueberry.

Über den Kaffee

Varietät: Heirloom

Verarbeitung: Natural

Anbauhöhe: 2,000 masl

Düngemethode: ecologic

Erntejahr: 2020

Erntezeit: Oct - Jan

Bodentyp: volcanic soils

Schattentyp: several wild growing coffee varietals

Ort der Verarbeitung: on the farm

Trocknungszeit: 14 days on raised african beds

Alter der Kaffeepflanzen: very old

Über die Farm

Farm: Dimtu Tero Farm

Ort: Guji

Kaffeefarmer: Getachew Zeleke

Betreiberform: small holders

Farmgröße: 151 ha

Alter der Farm: since 2012

über die Farm: family owned business

Weitere Varietäten vor Ort: Verto, Wolisha, Heirloom wie Typica, Bourbon, Geisha

Zusammenarbeit: longterm partner

Bloody Good Coffee

In der Tendenz wird der Espresso bei leicht höheren Temperaturen und Verweilzeit geröstet, um die Säuren zu reduzieren. Der Filterkaffee ist ein bisschen schneller und bekommt weniger Hitze, um die süßen Komponenten hervorzuheben und die Bohne ein bisschen löslicher zu machen. Für alle Kaffees aber gilt, dass wir uns die Zeit nehmen, die es braucht, um aus der grünen Rohware das beste Kaffeeprodukt zu machen.Wir rösten auf unserem Probat UG22 immer maximale Mengen von 22 Kilo, sodass wir stets genaue Kontrolle über das Ergebnis behalten.

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