The Easter Set
Toffee, blueberry jam, fig
18,90 €

75,60 € / kg

Omnom - Madagascar 66%Omnom - Superchocoberrybarleynibblynuttylicious

19grams Coffee ft. Omnom Chocolates

Our Easter Coffee from Peru meets 100% handmade bean-to-bar chocolates from Omnom in Rejkjavik, Iceland. We've been looking for the perfect partner for our Premium Specialty Coffees; Omnom's handmade varieties are made for it. Fruity flavors, and creamy texture of the bars - combined with the stand out design are the most beautiful companion for our colorful coffee bags.

In the Easter Espresso, we taste chocolaty fruity notes of plums, sweet macadamia nuts and white chocolate. This year, it comes together with an outstanding chocolate from our friends at Omnom in Reykjavik.

Choose between two varieties:

Superchocoberrybarleynibblynuttylicious - for creatives

The cacao of this bean-to-bar chocolate comes from the Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania. Dark chocolate richly sprinkled with cacao nibs, dried cranberries, salted almonds and puffed barley. Like chocolate granola, but with the ratio favoring the chocolate. Mary Poppins could not have done better.


Madagascar 66% - for purists

The cacao of this bean-to-bar chocolate comes from the Sambirano Valley, Madagarskar. Dark chocolate - lightly floral, juicy, with notes of berries and citrus.

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