Fazenda Irmãs Pereira Espresso
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Schokoladenfudge, Reife Pflaume, Blaubeere
13,90 €

55,60 € / kg

Whole Bean Espresso MachineBialetti

We have roasted this lot of yellow bourbon variety to a wonderfully full-bodied espresso. With sweet notes of ripe plums, chocolate fudge and blueberries.

About this coffee

Although coffee is an ancient commodity in Brazil, the country has presented its very best coffee in the last 10-12 years and it is only in the last 7-8 years that the coffee in the community of Carmo de Minas has been particularly remarkable.
Carmo is one of twenty villages in the region of Mantiqueira, in the south of the county of Minas Gerais, in Sul de Minas. Just as Burgundy is an important name in the French wine world, Carmo de Minas has become a destination in the Brazilian coffee world. Part of its distinction can be attributed to topographical and climatic conditions, but as always, there are people at work here - from the harvesting of the coffee cherries to the processing; both critical to the quality of the product.

Although many of the farms in the area have won awards and attracted attention in recent years, there have been no truly radical changes in growing and processing methods. Nor in terms of picking. We believe the area has achieved its status with a bit of luck, good growing conditions, good plant material - mostly bourbon - but otherwise ordinary craftsmanship. Out of all this, however, has come good coffee, and as a result Carmo has experienced a "clean sweep" in Cup of Excellence competitions. But the quality can get even better, just as the quantity of the best coffee can be increased.

Jacques Pereira Carneiro represents the new generation at Carmo. Together with his cousin Luis Paulo (who is currently president of the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA)), he runs the coffee export company Carmo Coffees. The two men represent the fifth generation of coffee farmers and, together, oversee 12 farms and 6 processing stations - all owned by the Pereira family.

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