Bolsa #1 - Guatemala Espresso
Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate, Almond

€59,60 / kg

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Do you love a nice dark, hazelnut chocolate? Then this espresso will be just right for you!

About the coffee

This coffee was grown and processed at Finca La Bolsa. The Caturra variety is originally from Brazil. It is a mutation of the Bourbon variety, but is much higher yielding in comparison. The variety has a medium-heavy body with a touch of natural acidity. The coffee was washed during processing, giving it a very clean flavour profile. But don't be fooled, as it also has a deep nutty and chocolaty notes that are perfect for the colder seasons!

About the farm

Finca La Bolsa was founded in 1958 by Jorge Vides, a medical doctor. Located in La Libertad, Huehuetenango, the coffee plantation was more of a hobby than a business at the time.

When Jorge bought the land it was still forested, and he started planting Bourbon and Caturra coffees. And he did so very successfully: Just four years later, "Anacafé" awarded him the title of "Distinguished Coffee Grower" for the exceptional cup quality his coffees achieve. And his humanitarian spirit goes beyond coffee production: In 1980, he founded a school that continues to operate on the farm today.

Meanwhile, Finca La Bolsa is certified by the Rainforest Alliance and its coffees have made it to the final round of the Cup of Excellence. Jorge's incredible success stems from his commitment to the sustainability of cultivation and his role as a producer. For him - and for us - it is important that both the living standards in his country and the quality of the coffees he produces are constantly improving. 

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