Pura Vida Organic - Espresso

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Handpicked Arabica beans from the Brazilian highlands of Minas Gerais and excellent Arabicas from Costa Rica and India give our PURA VIDA Organic its volume, subtle fruity notes and mature full body.

This noble, gourmet espresso combines hand-picked Arabica beans from Latin America and India. Through the right balance we have created a strong, fine, spicy coffee, which is perfect as a typical espresso, ristretto, cafe cream or latte macchiato and cappuccino.

In a powerful, yet fine roasting, our PURA VIDA ORGANIC is refined long and gently to the espresso that we highly recommend. The fine chocolaty, nutty aroma, as well as the heavy crema that it gets just through this interaction of hand-picked Arabicas from Brazil, Costa Rica and India.

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