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Aerobie Aeropress

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The Aeropress is one of the newest manual coffee makers on the market. It was invented in 2005 by the US American Alan Adler, who also invented the world's fastest Frisbee disc.

Two things were important to the inventor: compact design and delicious results - he, certainly, more than succeeded with the Aeropress. The Aeropress is especially popular for traveling, as it is virtually invulnerable thanks to its sturdy material. But it's not only a to-go alternative, the unusual brewing method is also becoming increasingly popular at home, as it prepares particularly pure coffees and is suitable for both filter and espresso roasts. If you do not yet own an Aeropress, you can catch up by clicking on the link here on the left.

Find out how to brew an Aeropress:

- Inverted method


Freshly roasted, packed and shipped safely to you by DHL.


Our standard bags contain 250g and are 100% recyclable. No mixed materials.


Take your tried-and-tested recipe as a starting point for this roast, or get help from our brew guides.

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