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1 Hz Decaf Espresso

ripe fig, brown sugar, dark chocolate
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120 Hz are great. But what if you want to save energy?

1 Hz is a decaffeinated espresso, roasted specifically to my preferences. It's darker and therefore "classically Italian" with notes of dark chocolate, brown sugar and ripe fig.

A steaming, fragrant cup of cappuccino in the evening is the perfect end to any day.

17.5 g in 30 - 35 seconds of brewing time make 40 g of espresso. Grind on my grinder 18.0.

These are whole beans for maximum freshness.

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Frenchpress and Aeropress are ground on the same setting.


Cultivated with love by great farmers. 100% Arabica coffee, harvested when ripe and carefully processed. Sustainable and fairly traded.


Freshly roasted, packed and shipped safely to you by DHL.


Our standard bags contain 250g and are 100% recyclable. No mixed materials.


Take your tried-and-tested recipe as a starting point for this roast, or get help from our Brew Guides.

    To the coffee

    ripe fig, brown sugar, dark chocolate

    Score: 86
    Sweetness: 4/5 pear crumble
    Acidity: 2/5 clean and light
    4/5 silky
    3/5 balanced

    Varietal: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia, Bourbon
    Process: washed
    Harvest Year: 2022
    Drying Time: 20-30 days

    Brewing Example:
    1:2, 19gr coffee for 40gr espresso, brewing time: 30-35 seconds. Also in fully automatic machine

    About the Coffee

    A delicious, mild decaf that hardly shows its decaf attitude.
    With our decaffeinated coffee from Huila, Colombia, we bring a great Decaf into your cup. A coffee with notes of hazelnut, chocolate and passion fruit - you can experience all this with Decaf in your cup, and without any caffeine.

    The Arabica beans are grown at an altitude of up to 1,900 metres on four different growing areas in the south of the province of Huila. It is a single origin blend: a harmonious interplay of the Castillo, Caturra, Colombia and Bourbon varieties is revealed in a coffee blend of the highest quality. The exciting flavour profile is intensified by the further processing steps of the coffee cherries.

    Lavado means washed in Spanish and refers to the gentle wetprocess method used to process the beans. The beans are then sprayed with steam, which opens fine pores. With the help of a natural solvent, ethyl acetate, which consists partly of vinegar and partly of natural extracts of sugar cane, the caffeine is now removed. This not only sounds sweet, but also tastes like it! The careful processing gives our Decaf its fruity-sweet aroma.

    Map Huila Colombia

    About the Farm

    for several years
    Farmer/ Producer:
    Micro-farmers from all over Colombia
    Operator form:
    Micro-farmers, family-run farms

    Country, Region: Colombia, Huila, Colombia
    1.900 masl
    Soil Type: fertile soils
    Fertilization Method: biological
    Shadow Type: shade-grown
    Place of Processing:
    Manizales, Caldas
    Number of Varietals: several
    Harvest Time:
    Oct - Dec // Apr - May

    Impressions from the farm

    About iknow Review

    Kilian is a tech fan and the founder of the YouTube channel iKnowReview. He is originally from Lake Constance and moved to Berlin to attend tech events and enjoy the good food. In Berlin, he discovered his love for coffee and became interested in Specialty Coffee. He appreciates good coffee and is always on the lookout for new taste experiences. Kilian has several setups at home, including a Niche Zero Grinder and a La Marzocco Linea Mini, with which he prepares high-quality coffee. His favourite coffee is 120HZ. Kilian has worked with 19grams to create the different coffee roasts from 1Hz to 90Hz and 120Hz, to 144Hz. Happy Brewing!


    Bloody Good Coffee

    – SINCE 2002

    Bloody Good Coffee

    Coffee is a fruit with many natural fruit acids. We roast our coffees to bring out these acids, but also to bring out the sweetness. When our roasters develop a flavour profile for a filter coffee, they make sure to use a slightly lower temperature. In our coffees, we bring out the natural flavour profile of each variety, but also of the terroir of Origin.

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