Verbessere deine Latte Art

Improve your latte art

Practice, practice, pour, repeat.

Latte art - it perfects every cappuccino or flat white and is a sure indicator of a professional at the espresso machine. But for the barista, it's practice, practice, practice. In order to eventually master the latte art in your sleep, these tips and tricks will help.

The first and most important, besides a good espresso, is the way to froth the milk. In the flow, it makes sense to prepare the milk first and then pull the espresso shot. The goal is a soft, creamy froth with a shiny, smooth and wet surface.

With the following four tips on optimal height, hand positioning and speed, any amateur barista can achieve the necessary precision:


The height of the milk jug is important for the different stages of pouring.

To begin, you need to build up the drink. To do this, you need to mix the milk into the espresso, starting from a little higher up. Then the hand with the jug is brought closer and closer to the cup. We recommend starting about 5cm above the cup. The higher you pour, the thinner the stream of milk that will flow into the cup, and the smaller the disturbance will be, creating less volume.

Once you've created your base, you'll need more mass in the cup to create your pattern. Move the jug as close to the cup as possible. As you get closer to the cup, you'll notice more white milk foam settling onto the coffee instead of mixing with the espresso. This is how the art takes shape.



The point at which you pour is the point at which the pattern is formed. It's also important to consider the angle of the pot and the cup and how they move as the milk flows into the espresso. Keep a steady hand and try to draw your pattern from the center out.

Always adjust the angle at which you pour the milk into the cup. Start with a tilted cup and gradually level it out as you finish your pattern. Make sure that as you move the cup, you also move the milk jug so that the milk stream continues to hit the coffee in the center.



It is important to also control the speed at which the milk flows from the jug into the cup. If you start pouring further away from the cup, it is better to start slowly and steadily. After you get the jug close to the surface of the cup, you can pour the faster. The closeness and increased volume will bring the foam out of the bottom of the creamer and onto the coffee. 


While drawing your patterns, you need to keep a steady hand. Control is important to execute those clean lines and create even stacking patterns on your coffees. You have limited time and space to create something beautiful with your cup, so stay focused. Don't rush into anything. Follow these steps.
Practice, practice, pour, repeat. We promise you'll be a pro in no time!


Practicing a lot is good and important. Please do not waste resources. To practice, you can also use water with dishwashing liquid to practice frothing the milk instead of using real milk (cow or vegetable). You will see that this will work very well. But do not drink ;)