Comandante Kaffeemühle C40

Comandante coffee grinder C40

Grind settings for your Comandante coffee grinder

Your Comandante grinder can set a total of up to 50 (clicks) grinds. Because just one click - that is, one tiny turn - can make a big difference in your cup and perhaps tease out the very acids from the bean that you particularly like. And make the coffee particularly exciting. When you adjust the grind for your Comandante, it will take 50 clicks from finest to coarsest. Start at the finest and follow the instructions below:

8 clicks: Ibrik

8-15 clicks: Espresso

13-16 clicks: Bialetti 2

5-30 clicks: AeroPress (depending on the amount of coffee you make)

20-25 clicks: Hand filter / V60 / Cupping bowl

20-28 clicks: French Press / Stamp pot (depending on the amount of coffee you prepare)

28 clicks: Carlsbad pot

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