Kendall aus der Bäckerei

Meet the Team | Kendall from the Bakery

Maybe you have not met Kendall, yet(!), but you surely have tried already one of her delicious cakes or cookies from the 19grams Bakery! Yes, Kendall, is in charge of the Bakery and takes care that there is always a sweet treat in the vitrine. What's your favourite? She is working for 19grams quite some time - and she reached an honorable status of fame for her hot cross buns that you will be able to get over the easter period. So let's talk sweets!

Are you a filter or espresso kinda guy/gal?

Where are you from?
New Zealand

Describe your job @19grams in one sentence.
I create and bake all of the sweet treats for all of our stores, leading into bread and pastry territory very soon

When and why did you start working in Coffee?
When I was 15 in a cafe in NZ because it was fun and good for my social skills.

What do you enjoy about the Specialty Coffee Industry?
Passionate people, always goes well with food people.

What is your go to brewing method on the weekend?

Which is your favourite 19grams coffee at the moment?
Hmmm, I took some of that Xingang last week and it was amazing!

Do you have a favourite customer - no names needed. :)
Anyone that asks for my opinion is my favourite! haha

Is there any memorable situation with a customer - good or bad?
Of course, someone created a t-shirt asking to bring back the scones “the scones are gone” is what it said haha also that person that felt it was necessary to complain through email that our doughnuts should be called pfannkuchen, not berliners!

What is your favourite thing you bake for the 19grams shops?
Anything seasonal, love all the European traditional cakes and pastries

Would you share the recipe or is it super secret?
Of course! food is made for sharing!

Is there any baking sweet that you want to bring to the 19grams shops for years, but for some reason it never got on the menu?
The list is too long, we try to introduce as many new things as often as possible without scaring people.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Other bakers, my old boss back in NZ.

Is there any cake you always thought does not get enough credit: it’s so great but people keep overlooking it?
The black and white sesame cake!!! it’s sooooo good, especially fried in butter with vanilla ice cream.

What is the most baked cake of 19grams?
Lemon poppy syrup loaf i think…. or probably cookies.

Every year people go crazy over your Cross Buns - how come we serve them?
'cause they’re amazing! once germans realise they’re just raisin bread they love them, too.

Is there a particular way you would eat Cross Buns back in New Zealand?
The next day, toasted with stupid amounts of SALTED butter.

What should we have asked you?
This was pretty good, Pia!

Thanks so much for taking all the time to answer these questions :)