Latte Art

Coffee Signature

Lots of cafés serve signature coffees, but have you ever heard of a coffee signature?

If you’ve spent any time working in a café, you’ll know that you quickly start to pick up little details and quirks about the ways people like to work. Some people have a very particular way of organising their milk jugs, others have a funny way of calling out people’s names, or certain coffees that they like making best.

One of the most personalised aspects of making a coffee is latte art. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that most baristas will have a favourite design. But beyond that, there are smaller details that can differentiate one barista’s lattes from the next. My rosettas might lean slightly off to the left, or your tulips might be stacked a bit closer than everyone else's. Spend enough time working with a tight team and you’ll eventually be able to tell who poured a cappuccino just by looking at how the latte art was poured. It’s a bit like a coffee signature. 

Do you have a favourite barista, and can you recognise their coffees just by the latte art? Are they so much of a celebrity in your world that you’d get them to sign your coffee?

And, if you like the idea of being able to sign your own coffees, sign up for some latte art training in our lab.