Kilian von iKnowReview im Interview mit 19grams

Kilian from Iknow Review - The Coffee Interview by 19grams

Do you know Kilian from iKnowReview? He not only loves coffee, but also 19grams, and we have collaborated with him to create various roasts for iKnowReview. We wanted to know how he got into coffee and 19grams, so here is the entire interview!

What is iKnowReview?
iKnowReview is now the largest German-speaking channel for technology reviews. I test new smartphones, gadgets, and anything related to the future and technology.

Who are you?
Are you from Berlin, or why did you choose Berlin as your home? I am Kilian and originally come from Lake Constance. I studied film in Offenburg for 3 1/2 years and was frequently in Berlin during that time. Many technology events take place here, and the good food has impressed me for a long time. That's why I moved here after finishing my studies. I have been living in Berlin for 4 years now and plan to stay. In Berlin, I discovered my love for coffee when I realized that coffee can taste like so much more than just coffee.

How did you get into doing iKnowReview?
As a little kid, I was a big fan of technology, and as I gradually started to buy my first gadgets and technology products, I started making videos about them to help other people with their purchasing decisions.

How long have you been doing iKnowReview?
I have been making YouTube videos since 2010 and have had the iKnowReview channel since 2013.

Where does the name iKnowReview come from?
iKnowReview is my channel name because "I," meaning "me," "K" for "Kilian," and "now" - "now" I make a review.

Somewhat complicated thinking, I know, but a 16-year-old Kilian thought it was a cool name.

Originally, the channel was supposed to be called "iKnow", but the name was already taken. I hoped that people would have to think of the channel when they say "I know".

At iKnowReview, it's all about "Technology and Future" - so why coffee?
I really appreciate good food and am always looking for new things that can impress me. This search led me to coffee. I enjoy the preparation process because you can be so precise and detail-oriented. The coffee machine, grinder, scale, and everything that goes with it. I think the perfectionist in me just comes out. Like filming and editing videos, you develop a flow and constantly try to achieve better results.

What was particularly important to you about coffee (why 19grams)? :)
I find it fascinating that such different flavors can come from what seems to be the same bean.

Coffee that simply tastes like coffee is boring to me. For me, it gets interesting when I can taste different notes. After all, the coffee bean is a fruit and should taste like one too.

I drink a maximum of two coffees a day, and I do it consciously, without doing anything else at the same time.

19grams is a modern, diverse, and sustainable roastery. I enjoy being in the cafes and couldn't imagine a more suitable partner for my coffee.

How did you get into specialty coffee?
This may sound silly, but regular supermarket coffee just doesn't do it for me. It tastes one-dimensional and mostly bitter. Some beans are unripe compared to others. Accordingly, they are roasted differently. That "classic coffee flavor", that slightly burnt taste, just doesn't do it for me. I don't drink coffee to wake up, but as a pleasure. I love that our specialty coffee is sustainable and fair. That it doesn't destroy the environment in the growing areas, but even preserves it and guarantees the people there a good livelihood.

You have different setups at home - what is part of your daily coffee routine?
At home, I have a Niche Zero Grinder and a La Marzocco Linea Mini - maybe a bit of an exaggerated setup, but I also want to drink café quality at home. For filter, I use the same grinder and an Origami Dripper. In the summer, I'm a big fan of cold brew.

In the morning, I drink a filter coffee after breakfast and then a cappuccino with Oatly or Minor Figures after lunch.

What is your favorite coffee?
My favorite coffee is actually still 120HZ.

However, I wouldn't want to drink it exclusively for the rest of my life - I like to try different beans and expand my horizons.

How do you want to develop the topic of coffee in the future?
I hope that more people will discover the world of specialty coffee for themselves and I want to contribute to that.

Dear Kilian, thank you so much for your time and your answers! :)

Of course, you can also try the different roasts that we have made together with Kilian. You can find the complete selection of his coffees here.