3 Fragen an die 19grams Crew im Februar

3 Questions to the 19grams Crew in February

We asked you, what are your questions. Here are the answers to your questions:

  • Why are you called 19grams?
  • How do you create your stylish coffee labels?
  • Haven't you been Tres Cabezas before?

Why are you called 19grams?
When we started establishing the brand 19grams and opened our first coffee shop in Schlesischen Str. about 10 years ago, 19 grams was the amount of coffee used for a double espresso shot in Australia. And because the girls who opened the first 19grams café came from beautiful Australia, the name was a program for us back then. We now use only 17.5 grams of coffee for a double espresso, but that doesn't look as chic in our logo...

How do you create your stylish coffee labels?
Responsible for the design of our coffee bags is our designer Philipp Carbotta (follow him https://www.instagram.com/philippcarbotta/). Philipp receives the coffee information from our Head Roaster as soon as it is determined after the first cuppings. Pia from our online department checks if a label is suitable for our brand, and once everything fits, it is printed and then stickered. Et voilà - that's all the magic - you can buy the coffee online or in one of our 4 cafes.

Haven't you been Tres Cabezas before?
Yes, that's true. 20.5 years ago, founder Sascha was in Costa Rica surfing with some friends (yes, the story inspired us for the label of Endless Summer). They had the brilliant idea that coffee should be shipped directly from Costa Rica to Germany and sold in their own café. Said and done. The small café Tres Cabezas y Amigos was opened at Boxhagener Str. 74 - where it still is today. And from 3 heads with friends, 19grams emerged.
Another Fun Fact: One of the Tres Cabezas still lives in Costa Rica and another runs the famous club, Berghain, in Berlin, which is also the reason why you can still drink our Tres Cabezas Classics in the Panorama Bar there.