What is the SCAE?

SCAE, short for Specialty Coffee Association of Europe, is the European counterpart to SCAA and acts as an advocacy group and network for specialty coffee. Based in London, the organisation brings together coffee specialists and enthusiasts from across Europe, including coffee importers, roasters, baristas, restaurateurs and retailers dedicated to specialty coffee. The SCAE facilitates the exchange of expertise and experience, promotes the creation of high-quality speciality coffees and organises major international events such as the Coffee Olympics and World Championships in various coffee disciplines. It also awards the prestigious Coffee Diploma, an internationally recognised certification system for coffee knowledge. Its own magazine, Café Europa, provides members with informative articles and technical contributions.

The SCAE was founded in London in 1998 and has since launched more than thirty sub-divisions at local level in Europe and Asia. These subsections are responsible for educating members and organising various events. The SCAE is particularly well known for hosting World Coffee Events such as the Barista World Championship. The SCAE's Coffee Diploma System (CDS), which is divided into six modules, provides comprehensive coffee knowledge and certifies skills. It offers those interested the opportunity to shape their education and career according to their individual preferences and plans. To obtain the Coffee Diploma, one hundred points must be achieved in the six modules.

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