Pulp is the soft part of certain fruits and refers to the pulp of coffee cherries. The process of pulping involves the removal of the pulp, usually by a machine called a pulper. This process has a significant impact on the quality, flavor and aroma of the resulting coffee, as the timing and method of pulp removal play an important role.

Coffee cherries can be processed using wet or dry methods. In the dry method, the cherries, including the pulp, are dried in the sun. In the wet method, the pulp is removed before further processing of the coffee beans. However, there are variations where only a portion of the pulp is removed, resulting in unique flavors and characteristics.

The pulp that remains after the coffee beans are separated is often reused in organic coffee farming. It is often used as a natural fertilizer for coffee plants. In addition, some farmers use the pulp as fuel for dryers to allow the coffee to dry on rainy days. In some cases, the pulp is used to make coffee cherry tea. These practices contribute to sustainable and resource-efficient coffee production.

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