There is one coffee that makes the heart of espresso lovers beat faster - the lungo. The Italian word "lungo" means "long" and refers to the particular way this coffee is prepared. The lungo is often referred to as an "extended espresso" because it is made in a similar way to an espresso, but with more water and a longer brewing time. In contrast, a ristretto contains less liquid than an espresso.

Making a lungo is simple and can be done with a fully automatic coffee machine or a portafilter. All you need is 7 grams of coffee powder and 60 ml of water (compared to 30 ml for an espresso). The right quantity and quality of coffee powder are crucial for the taste and crema of the lungo. Both Robusta and Arabica beans can be used for a lungo, with the Robusta bean producing a more stable crema.

There are several different preparation methods for a lungo. The classic method is to simply use more water during the brewing process. This can easily be done with a fully automatic coffee machine. Another option is to brew an espresso and then extend it with hot water. This variant is also known as Caffè Americano and has an even milder taste. The Lungo or Caffè Americano is served in small glasses or cups.

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