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The Latte

Latte is a popular drink that consists of equal parts of milk or a milk alternative and coffee. It is also known by various names, such as café au lait, café con leche, caffé latte or melange. This creamy drink is often served in a large, bulbous cup, which gives it a cosy atmosphere.

The ingredients for a delicious latte are simple. For a cup with a capacity of 360 ml, you need about 130 ml of milk or milk alternative and 130 ml of coffee. The amount of milk can vary between 30 and 80 percent, depending on personal preference and preparation method. You can use whole milk, low-fat milk or vegetable milk and add sugar if needed.

There are many varieties of coffee with milk all over the world. Almost every coffee country has its own version of this popular drink. Some well-known variants are:

- Café au Lait: The French version of latte, using strong filter coffee. It is traditionally served for breakfast with a croissant or baguette in a large, pre-heated bowl without a handle.

- Caffé Latte: The Italian version of latte, made with a double espresso. There is often a small layer of milk foam and the milk content is higher than in a cappuccino.

- Café con Leche: The Spanish version where milk and espresso are mixed in a 1:1 ratio. Sometimes the milk is frothed separately and served in a separate pitcher with the espresso.

- Koffie verkeerd: The Dutch version of latte, where the milk content is slightly higher than the coffee content. The name translates as "upside-down coffee".

- Melange: A coffee speciality from Austria in which coffee and milk are mixed together. The Viennese Melange is prepared with foamed milk and is more reminiscent of a latte macchiato.

All lattes share a similar mixing ratio of milk and coffee, but each variety has its own specific characteristics and is appreciated in different countries and cultures. The latte is a perfect balance between the creaminess of the milk and the stimulating taste of the coffee, and its variety makes it a popular choice for coffee lovers all over the world.

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