Pacamara Kaffee aus El Salvador

Pacamara Coffee from El Salvador

Pacamara is a whole special variety that occurs almost exclusively in El Salvador. We have roasted this Pacamara as a filter coffee. It is a particularly sweet filter roast, as this Pacamara was processed using the honey processed method. In this process, the pulp is first removed mechanically and the beans are then left to dry along with the mucilago. The Pacamara from Finca Santa Rosa is dried in the sun for a long period of time.

Pacamara coffee is a 1958 breeding of the Coffee Research Institute of El Salvador, which bred the Arabica Pacamara by crossing the Arabica Red Maragogype, a Typica mutation, and the Arabica Pacas, a Bourbon mutation. The Arabica Red Maragogype are also called elephant beans, therefore the Pacamara coffee beans are still particularly large coffee beans.

The Santa Rosa coffee farm is located in Chalatenango about 47 km northeast of the Salvadoran capital San Salvador and on the border with Honduras. The farm is located at about 1500m NHN. The Rivera family of farmers started growing coffee in 1979. Until today they managed to establish a sustainable production. Most of the farm was reforested with pine trees until the year 2000, which provide shade for the coffee and are responsible for the climate on the farm.

The decision to grow Pacamara launched the Riveras into Specialty Coffee Olympus. They received international awards for their coffees, even winning the Cup of Excellence several times.

Flavorfully complex, honey and brown sugar cane are responsible for the sweetness of this Pacamara coffee. With a full velvety body, barrique notes of vanilla, fine dark chocolate and ripe cherries can be detected. Click here for our Pacamara coffee.

Here Karo Tornado has composed a special hand filter recipe for the Pacamara coffee.

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