Unser Kenia Kainamui: ein Filterkaffee der Spitzenklasse

Our Kenya Kainamui: a filter coffee of the highest class

Our Kenya Kainamui is a particularly elegant coffee with notes of sweet grapefruits and oranges with a delicately tart caramel - cocoa finish.

kaffee aus kenia

The green coffee comes from the famous Kirinyaga region, which extends into Mount Kenya National Park. The Mount Kenya National Park surrounds Mount Kenya. This is the highest mountain in Kenya or, after Kilimanjaro, the second highest mountain in Africa. The area is about 150km from the capital Nairobi. The purpose of the 700 km2 national park is to appreciate the plants and landscape and to preserve them for the future.


The cultivation areas are therefore located in central Kenya and are only a few kilometers (about 16 km) away from the equator. Here there are ideal climatic conditions for the Arabica coffee plants. There are about 200 rainy days a year with constant cool but not frosty temperatures. The coffee plants are grown on the particularly rich red soils of volcanic origin. For coffee growing, the optimal soil should be loose, well ventilated and permeable. The pH value of the soil is also important; it should be neutral or slightly acidic. The presence of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as well as a good humus content in the upper soil layer are important.


The coffee is grown at an altitude of 1,750 m above sea level. The mounting height in particular has a decisive influence on the variety of aromas in a coffee. The higher the growing region and the resulting cooler temperatures, the slower the coffee cherries can ripen and the better the individual aromas can develop.

Kaffees Kenias

It is therefore not surprising that the best coffees in Kenya are grown here. Our coffee scoop is processed in the Kanamui Washing Station. Up to 1,800 small farmers bring their harvested coffee cherries here. The individual smallholder does not own much more than 200 coffee plants. You only harvest the coffee cherries once a year. This growing area forms a perfect basis for the two cultivated varieties SL28 and SL34. These are close genetic relatives of the exceptionally good Bourbon variety. Our Kenya Kainamui is washed and gently sun-dried.