Filterkaffee aus Äthiopien

Filter from Ethiopia

Ethiopia is considered the homeland of the coffee plant. From there, the coffee plant has been brought to many different regions of the world. Most of the coffee produced in Ethiopia is automatically grown "organically", as the coffee farmers use organic compost as their main fertiliser.

In terms of taste, Ethiopian coffees could be classified according to the following characters: Sidamo - sweet and floral; Yirgacheffe - floral and fresh fruity; Limu - vinous; Lekempti - fruity; Harrar - berry. To classify qualities even further, there is a complex grading system for Ethiopian coffees. This is based on preparation processes, i.e. "washed" and "natural" coffees, and green coffee defect rates.

Our new excellent filter coffee "Ethiopia Kawo Farm" comes from the Sheka Zone from a place called Masha. It takes its name from the coffee farm of the same name. This single variety coffee is of course 100% Arabica. The coffee cherries from our lot come from a mix of very old original coffee trees. It is a multitude of different variations of the Typica variety that have prevailed over the centuries. These mixtures, which are difficult to determine individually, are called Ethiopia Heirloom Variety. Genetically, this is the closest to the coffee origin.

This coffee is a speciality and we have roasted the beans in a lighter "medium" roast and are pleased to be able to offer you this fine filter coffee in our online shop: Filter Coffee ETHIOPIA Yirgacheffe Idido

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