Honey processed Filterkaffee aus Costa Rica

Honey processed Filter from Costa Rica

We have roasted our pure coffee from Costa Rica from the farm Hacienda Sonora as filter coffee. This filter coffee has a very special sweetness. This comes from the preparation of the coffee as "Honey processed" (English for honey processed). Here, however, honey is not used in the processing, as it might first appear, nor is this a description of honey flavors. "Honey process" is rather a specific form of preparation.

The three main types of coffee processing are "washed" (meaning washed or wet-processed), natural (meaning natural or dry-processed), and semi-washed (meaning semi-washed or pulp-natural).

The "Honey process" processing method belongs to the "semi-washed" processing. In this method, the pulp is first removed mechanically from the beans in a pulper after the coffee cherries have been harvested. During the pulping process, part of the inner pulp, a kind of mucilage called mucilago, remains attached to the beans. Together with the mucilago, the beans are then placed in the sun to dry. During the drying process, the mucilago causes the beans to become sticky, like honey. Therefore, this processing method owes its name "Honey process". At the beginning of the article, we spoke of a particularly sweet filter coffee. This is the sweetness of the mucilago, which is absorbed by the coffee beans during the drying process.

This filter coffee comes from the Hacienda Sonora in Costa Rica. Hacienda Sonora is run by the Guardia family, with whom we not only have a long-standing direct-trade business relationship, but also a close friendship.

This filter coffee comes from the exceptional Elle Nueve variety. You can taste the aromas of exotic fruits, dark grapes, as well as sweet melon and a cocoa finish. Learn more about this excellent coffee here: Filter Coffee Roasting Costa Rica by Hacienda Sonora.

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