Gehört Kaffee in den Kühlschrank?

Does coffee belong in the refrigerator?

This question comes up again and again, and there is a huge argument about it.

One argument against storing coffee in the refrigerator is that it attracts all odors. This can be used wonderfully, for example, if you want to remove bad odors from the refrigerator. You simply put old coffee grounds in it and in no time the smells are gone or rather absorbed by the coffee. If you imagine that happens to the coffee you still want to drink, it's not such a nice thought. Another argument against storing coffee in the refrigerator is that it should not be exposed to high humidity. If you put coffee from the warm in the cold refrigerator can also form condensation, which is absorbed by the coffee and this kills not only the wonderful smell but also the flavor aromas.

We want to offer you wonderful flavors as fresh as possible with our coffees. That is why we prefer direct trade / directly traded coffees. We want to see as best as possible directly on site in the origin of the environmental conditions, how the coffee plants are grown, and the coffee cherries are harvested. We then bring the green coffee directly to the roasting plant in Berlin with the help of our partners but without intermediaries. And only here the coffee beans are freshly roasted for you.

Our tip is therefore not to store the coffee in the refrigerator. Of course, this only applies to our climate conditions. If someone lives in a country with hot temperatures and very high humidity, it may make sense to store the coffee in the refrigerator after all.

Then the following is recommended: Since coffee absorbs odors, it should be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator, preferably in an extra compartment separate from the food. If there is a locked compartment in the door, then the coffee could be stored there because it is the warmest and the optimal temperature of storage is between 10 and 18 degrees Celsius. Next would be the vegetable compartment, without vegetables of course, in all other places in the refrigerator it is even colder. Lastly, the coffee should also be stored here better than coffee beans. Grinding brings out the aroma and increases the surface area, thus providing much more surface area to attack to rob the coffee of its aroma. Since our coffee is an absolute fresh product, it should also always be consumed quickly.