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The right way to store coffee: How to preserve the full aroma

In the world of coffee, storage plays a central role. It not only serves to store materials, but is also an essential step in the coffee industry. Especially after the harvest and the first processing steps, the so-called green coffee is temporarily stored before it finds its way to the coffee roasting plants. As a rule, the warehouses for this purpose are located directly in the producing countries. During storage, it is of great importance to protect the coffee from harmful influences such as oxygen, heat, moisture and foreign odours. These factors can influence and reduce the aroma of the coffee.

Incorrect storage can cause the coffee to lose its aroma quickly. If the coffee comes into contact with oxygen or heat during storage, the oils in the coffee beans start to oxidise more quickly. The oils are largely responsible for the aroma. Oxidation causes them to become rancid and gives the coffee an unpleasant aftertaste. It is also not advisable to store coffee together with other foods, as it easily absorbs foreign odours and is affected.

To enjoy coffee at home, it is just as important to store it properly. To preserve the full aroma, you should make sure that the coffee is protected from light, oxygen and heat. The coffee package should therefore always be tightly closed and also stored in an airtight container, such as a porcelain or ceramic container. It is ideal to use a package with an aroma valve, which prevents the exchange of air. The coffee should be stored in a dry and cool place, such as the pantry. It should be noted that the aroma is better preserved in whole coffee beans than in ground coffee. With ground coffee in particular, it is important not to transfer it to another package, as even brief contact with oxygen will cause many aromas to be lost.

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