After being used at the World Brewers Cup by champion Jia Ning Du-san, the Origami Dripper is getting the attention it deserves.

The great feature of the Origami Dripper is its flexibility. It is compatible with both the Hario V60 filter and the Kalita Wave filter, giving you great freedom, and providing you with a range of flavors.

You can also use our standard recipe for the Hario V60. Because of the similarity in shape and structure, the Origami Dripper extracts very similarly to the V60. The pouring speed directly affects the extraction speed, so you have more control with the Origami Dripper compared to the V60. The Origami Dripper is thinner compared to other ceramic drippers and releases heat relatively quickly, resulting in a cleaner and milder extraction with more sweetness.

Our recipe:

Dose: 18-23g
Brew ratio: 1:16 - 1:17
Brewing time: 2-3.20min
Grind setting: 10-12-5 on the new EK scale.

1. During the first 30 seconds, pour 40g of water.
2. During the next 60 seconds, slowly pour 150g of water.
3. The 340g of water should be fully infused before the timer reads 180 seconds

4. Take the preparer off the carafe

Step by step:

By grinding the coffee finely, you can extract the goodness quickly and intensely, allowing you to finish the extraction before any unpleasant flavor is flushed out of the coffee powder. You can also grind the coffee a bit coarser if you prefer a light extraction.

Keep the water temperature relatively low, around 88-90°C. The most important thing is to finish the brewing process in time. Make sure you rinse the filter paper beforehand.

Pour 40g of hot water within the first 30 seconds. During the next 60 seconds, slowly pour 150g of hot water. This serves to efficiently extract all the good flavors of the coffee.

Pour the remaining up to 340g at a time before the timer reads 3:00. Then remove the origami, even if the water has not yet completely run through, and finish your brew.

Brewing with this recipe will allow you to make a clean cup that is not too strong, but very sweet and mild.

The Origami Dripper is such a flexible brewing method that gives you great control and freedom to make a really excellent cup of coffee.

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