Fellow Stagg

Fellow Stagg

The Fellow Stagg is Mars' favorite brewing method, and she uses it regularly. The vacuum insulated body keeps the temperature of the coffee stable, which helps you extract your coffee evenly.

With its shallow bottom shape with a steep slope, this preparer has a relatively large base bed depth that allows you to brew consistently on variable doses.

The unique hole pattern, especially in the outermost area, provides a consistent flow.

Our recipe:

Dose: 22-24g
Brew ratio: 1:16
Brewing time: 3:15 - 4.00
Grind: 12.5 - 14 on the new EK rotating wheel

Mahlgrad: 12,5 - 14 auf dem neuen EK-Drehrad

Step by step:

1. Insert the paper filter into the Stagg and place it on the cup or carafe.
2. Rinse the paper filter thoroughly before you start brewing your coffee to avoid any papery taste; drain completely and pour away the water from the carafe.
3. Weigh and grind coffee to desired strength (22-24g).
4. Place Stagg brewer and carafe on scale and pour in coffee. Shake the brewer a little to make sure the coffee bed is level before you start brewing. Set the scale to zero.
5. Start your timer and begin pouring the first portion of water.
6. We recommend that you divide the water into six separate infusions of 50g of water each and pour each 15 seconds apart.
7. Begin each infusion in the center. Work in concentric circles from the center outward and back again so that all dark spots on the surface of the coffee disappear.
8. Swirl the carafe of coffee before serving to evenly distribute the flavors in the coffee.

Filter Tip: Store filters in a cup by pressing down on them to keep their shape. Rinse filters by pouring hot water directly into the center of the filter to keep the "waves" in the filter from collapsing.

Grinding Tip:
All grinders produce a mixture of coarse and fine particles - none are perfect, but grinders with a strong grinder (stainless steel, for example) produce more evenly. If your cup is too strong and/or bitter, you may want to adjust the grind to something coarser. If it's too weak and/or sour, set it a little finer.