Meet the Team | Todd from the Kitchen Crew

Are you a filter or espresso kinda guy?

Favourite Coffee Drink:
Long Black

Where are you from?
Adelaide, Australia

Favourite Food:
Fried Chicken

Where did you get your skills from? Did you teach yourself everything?
All over the place

What should nobody know about you?

When and why did you start working at 19grams?
First job in Berlin , 3 years ago after living in London

How would you describe the 19grams cuisine? What’s typical?
Classic brunch with a classy touch

Which kitchen tool do you need every day?
Chefs Knife

Do you think working in coffee is different to working in a “normal” restaurant? What’s your favourite part about the specialty coffee industry so far?
Working in Cafes if much different hours and work culture, which is very enjoyable.

How many coffees do you drink in a day?

What is your favourite coffee at the moment?
I like to try new varieties, never stick with one for long.