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The cultivation of coffee plants in Mexico is rather uncommon. Primarily, farmers there focus on growing beans, maize and chilli. But farmer Climaco Cruz, formerly a teacher, has ventured, like his ancestors before him, to cultivate Arabica coffee plants. With complete success! 

The growing conditions for Arabica coffee plants are particularly favourable on his farm. The Caturra variety, which we will taste from him this year, is grown at the incredible altitude of 2150m above sea level. His farm - Finca La Teja - is seven hectares in size (or rather small). The Caturra coffee plants are carefully selected; as this variety does not grow very large, it is ideally suited for the small farm. 

Moreover, the quality of the cup's profile benefits immensely from the enormous height. It allows the coffee cherries to ripen particularly slowly at low temperatures and thus to develop more complex flavour aromas.

Millar Cruz has created a small but optimally interlocking ecosystem on his farm. His small coffee plantation has left the surrounding flora and fauna untouched. The farm gets its water from an adjacent spring. He has also built his own beehives. The bees reliably pollinate coffee flowers and improve the formation of as many coffee cherries as possible.

The main harvest season in Mexico lasts from December to the end of March. During this time, the ripe coffee cherries are harvested by hand, sorted out and then processed.
Our beans were extracted from their pulp with the help of a pulper. The green beans then ferment in a water basin for 24-36 hours before being spread out in the sun to dry.

After drying, they arrive at our roastery. At 180° Celsius, the beans not only get their beautiful colour, but also their unique taste. We taste ripe honeydew melon, sweet lychee and dark cane sugar. You too?

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