Finca Morelia Red Colombia Colombia Filter
Finca La Morelia in Kolumbien
Brombeere, Pistazie, reife Pflaume

€55,60 / kg

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About the coffee

This Red Colombia lot from Finca Morelia in Colombia has been specially processed: 'red-honey-processed' coffee involves placing the coffee beans in the sun to dry, with the mucilage surrounding them after the pulping process. The fine jelly that surrounds them then becomes sticky and hard, giving the beans their softness during the drying process. Due to the influence of the mucilage, the beans take on a red color.
This filter coffee will simply blow your mind in terms of taste, because this combination of notes does not come along every day! The slightly tart blackberry is rounded off by the note of sweet ripe plum, and complimented by the slightly nutty touch of pistachio.

About the farm

On his finca Morelia, located in the Huila Departamento, farmer Miller Walles Cruz has been experimenting for now 15 years around the cultivation of high-quality coffee. However, he was not always a coffee farmer and, before that, grew sugar cane on his farm. According to him, switching to coffee has changed his life because he's been able to support his family in a way that he couldn't with sugar cane.
Miller says, of himself, that he takes a very organic approach to his processing. He cares less about values and numbers and focuses, all the more, on each small amount of coffee and the qualities that processing brings out in the cup.

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