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Don Martin H17

Black Berry, Rhubarb, Peach
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It is a truly remarkable coffee lot, developing fruity notes of blackberry and peach complemented by the acidity of rhubarb. Don Martin grows this rare coffee on his farm Finca La Chumeca and processes it using the 777 method.

About the coffee

The H-17 varietal is a super new and super exciting coffee that you should try right away, but first let's take a look at what's behind this special variety: the H-17 is a hybrid variety that was created from the Caturra variety, which was only planted in 2014. The first harvests were harvested three years later - but the results in the cup were not what was hoped for: no complexity. What followed at the CGLE farm was a lot of experimentation: In 2017, a new Caturra/Geisha hybrid was finally planted. The gesha plant used came from Cerro Azul, where only geisha plants are grown. The trees were grown at 1,890 m above sea level - the highest point of the Potosi farm. There were only 642 trees on 2500 m2. At first sight, this variety looked different: The first branches started only at 50 cm height, much higher than in other varieties. The cherries were tall and thin and the yield of each tree was high. This is unusual for Geisha varieties.

The complex flavour profile is enhanced by the special processing method developed by farmer Don Martin himself: "777 Double Fermentation" (we call it the 'Jackpot Coffee') is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic fermentation. This method takes into account the brix levels in the coffee honey and the ph of the juice and leachate produced during anaerobic fermentation. This helps to accurately estimate the sugars in the bean.

About the farm

Don Martin of the Finca La Chumeca is one of our long-term partners. If you want to learn more, read more.

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