Don Martin H17
Don Martin bei der Kaffeeernte auf seiner Farm La Chumeca in Costa Rica.
Kaffeekirschen auf der Finca La Chumeca bei Don Martin werden getrocknet - natürliche Verarbeitung.
Black Berry, Rhubarb, Peach

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It is a truly remarkable coffee lot, developing fruity notes of blackberry and peach complemented by the acidity of rhubarb. Don Martin grows this rare coffee on his farm Finca La Chumeca and processes it using the 777 method.

About the coffee

The H-17 varietal is a super new and super exciting coffee that you should try right away, but first let's take a look at what's behind this special variety: the H-17 is a hybrid variety that was created from the Caturra variety, which was only planted in 2014. The first harvests were harvested three years later - but the results in the cup were not what was hoped for: no complexity. What followed at the CGLE farm was a lot of experimentation: In 2017, a new Caturra/Geisha hybrid was finally planted. The gesha plant used came from Cerro Azul, where only geisha plants are grown. The trees were grown at 1,890 m above sea level - the highest point of the Potosi farm. There were only 642 trees on 2500 m2. At first sight, this variety looked different: The first branches started only at 50 cm height, much higher than in other varieties. The cherries were tall and thin and the yield of each tree was high. This is unusual for Geisha varieties.

The complex flavour profile is enhanced by the special processing method developed by farmer Don Martin himself: "777 Double Fermentation" (we call it the 'Jackpot Coffee') is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic fermentation. This method takes into account the brix levels in the coffee honey and the ph of the juice and leachate produced during anaerobic fermentation. This helps to accurately estimate the sugars in the bean.

About the farm

Tarrazù is one of the most famous coffee regions in Costa Rica. Coffee grows everywhere. We are visiting the Finca La Chumeca. The finca is located at an altitude of 2000 metres. Only ripe, deep red coffee cherries are harvested and processed as natural. On the drying beds in the sun, only dark red cherries can be seen far and wide. Pride, dedication and love for coffee give rise to one of the best coffee products in Costa Rica and Central America.

Don Martin Urena and Olga Jimenez met while harvesting coffee and have now been married for over 25 years, have three children and produce one of the best coffees in Costa Rica. Don Martin is 52 years old and he has dedicated his whole life to coffee: he says of himself that he has been working in coffee for 52 years. Don Martin Urena comes from a family of nine siblings. All together, they practically grew up in the coffee fields of the area. A typical day for him starts at 4:30 - with a coffee. After that, he goes out into the field. Around noon there is a siesta, then it's back to coffee. When it gets dark around 6 o'clock, he comes back. During harvest time, when it is time to process the naturals, he often works until 10 o'clock in the evening. The Urenas are very proud of their coffees and their work. The Natural coffees that are harvested and processed here are pure and of the best quality.


Coffee from Costa rica

Coffee has been growing in Costa Rica since the 19th century. Today, the ICAFE is responsible for ensuring the quality of Costa Rican coffee. The coffee industry laid the foundation for Costa Rica's infrastructure and culture. The flavor profile of Costa Rican coffees is characterized by a full rich body with refreshing acids.

costa rica

Suited for

Recommended brewing ratio

16g ground coffee, 250g Water, medium grind setting, brew time: ca. 2.5 mins


Black Berry, Rhubarb, Peach

Black Berry




A truly rare and outstanding varietal.

About the coffee

Variety: H17

Processing: 777 process

Altitude: 2000 masl

Fertilizing method: organic

Harvest year: 2021

Harvest time: Nov - Mar

Soil type: vulcanic soils

Shadow type: grown in the shadow

Processing place: on the farm

About the farm

Farm: La Chumeca

Location: Tarrazú

Coffee farmer: Don Martin Urena

Form of Operation: family owned farm

Age of farm: over 50 years

Other varieties planted: NIII

Cooperation: many years

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