Don Martin Geisha Enano - Costa Rica Filter
Natürliche Prozessierung auf La Chumeca in Costa Rica
Erdbeere, Clementine, Heckenkirsche

€129,50 / kg

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Our roasting team has rated the Geisha coffee Enano with over 90 points on the SCA score. He is the best coffee that we have brought this year from Costa Rica for you from Finca La Chumeca from Tarrazù to Berlin.

About the coffee

Our Don Martin Geisha Enano (Dwarf Geisha) got its name because of its size. The Enano Geisha variety produces significantly smaller coffee bushes compared to other Geisha varieties. It is probably a freak of nature and a spontaneous mutation of the plant variety.

However, the small size of the Enano in no way negatively affects the taste of the coffee. Quite the contrary. The coffee's flavors surprise with soft floral notes that are very clear and balanced in the cup.

Its complex flavor profile is supported by the special preparation process developed by farmer Don Martin himself: "777 Double Fermentation" (we call it the 'Jackpot Coffee') is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic fermentation. This method takes into account the brix levels in the coffee honey and the ph of the juice and leachate produced during anaerobic fermentation.

The coffee impresses in the cup with very sweet notes of strawberries perfectly balanced by aromas of ripe citrus, as well as lingering floral notes in the finish. The fruit notes continue to develop and become more present as the coffee cools. Our roasters have rated Geisha Enano with over 90 points on the SCA score. It is the best coffee we are bringing to Berlin from Costa Rica this year. A real jackpot.

About the farm

Don Martin of the Finca La Chumeca is one of our long-term partners. If you want to learn more, read more.

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