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The popularity of the Chemex has increased significantly over the past decade, and not just among baristas.

It has become a stylish authority when it comes to hand-filtered coffee. It was developed in 1941 by German inventor Peter Schlumbohm and is still produced today by the Chemex Coop. in Massachusetts. In 1958, its design received the award from the Illinois Inst. of Technology, as "one of the best-designed products of the modern era."

We find that handling the Chemex is child's play and you can brew excellent filter coffee with just a few steps.


Freshly roasted, packed and shipped safely to you by DHL.


Our standard bags contain 250g and are 100% recyclable. No mixed materials.


Take your tried-and-tested recipe as a starting point for this roast, or get help from our brew guides.

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Dein Chemex Kaffeezubereiter 3 Tassen Dein Chemex Kaffeezubereiter 8 Tassen

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