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The Majesty Roast | Blind Guardian Espresso

Schokolade, Haselnuss, Mandel
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    A coffee that has never been seen before! Roasted like no coffee has ever been roasted before. The Blind Guardian Espresso is here!

    Blind Guardian worked with us to develop a coffee that really makes a splash and lives up to the name of espresso. Beforehand, we had an intensive discussion about what makes a good coffee. It is important to Blind Guardian and us, as roasters, that the coffee not only tastes great, but that it is also produced responsibly. That's why we chose a specialty coffee where the origin is clear, where the farmers are paid fairly and where the soil is not depleted.

    And here it is: the Majesty Roast. The Bourbon Beans have been sourced from India and bring flavours of chocolate, hazelnut, almond and spices to your cup, which gives the coffee the taste and the kick that you expect from a brilliant espresso. Crafted like a long guitar solo, roasted with skill and perseverance, this espresso is now your perfect start to the day, an after-dinner treat or a little kick whenever you want.

    About Blind Guardian

    Blind Guardian is one of those bands that you come across in heavy metal no matter what.
    The legend begins story starts in Krefeld, Germany (1985), where four young bards - Hansi Kursch, Andre Olbrich, Marcus Dork and Thomen Stauch - released their first record called Lucifer's Heritage. Marcus and Thomen soon split up with Hansi and Andre.
    In 1986, "Battalions of Fear" was released under the name Lucifer's Heritage, on which, in addition to Hansi and Andre, Christoph Theissen and Hans-Peter Frey also participated.
    A foretaste of a great masterpiece that Hansi and Andre would complete some three decades later - the Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra's Legacy of the Dark Lands.
    The four-piece band, unwilling to succumb to the luring evil of black metal record sales, shed their Satanic name and have since called themselves Blind Guardian. More info about the band can be found on the Blind Guardian website.


    What is the Blind Guardian Roast - best Band Coffee ever?

    AA Karnataka is wonderfully spicy coffee from the Chikmagalur district in southwest India, a region that used to belong to the Kingdom of Mysore. The coffee in this region is grown in harmony with nature under the naturally given shade of forest trees. In addition to the coffee trees, spices such as pepper, vanilla and various types of nuts grow here. The bourbon trees of our AA Karnataka grow at an altitude of 1500m. After harvesting, they are washed and processed. The AA Karnataka has quite large beans that taste strong and spicy in the cup.

    About the farm

    The history of coffee cultivation in India goes back to the legend of the pilgrim Baba Budan. He is said to have traveled through Yemen around 1670, smuggling seven coffee seeds across the border on his way back from Mecca to India. Seven is considered a sacred number in Islam, which is why Baba Budan's actions are still considered a sacred act today. He planted the first seeds in the Karnataka region, where they thrived excellently.

    The Bababudangiri mountain range remains an important coffee growing region in India - this is where the coffee from the special Blind Guardian roast comes from. The coffees grown here are not only considered rarities, but also the most complex and finest Arabica coffees in India. Their flavors are strongly influenced by the flora and fauna surrounding them: spices such as pepper, vanilla and cardamom, but also orange trees provide great spicy notes. 


    If you don't have a grinder at home, we'll be happy to grind the coffee to your specifications. Simply click on your preparation option above or order whole beans.

    Find the right grind. You can get the most out of your coffee by grinding your beans just before brewing. Take a look at the equipment selection if you are interested in a grinder.

    You can also select a grind level in each product if you want us to grind the beans for you. We use a Mahlkönig EK43 for this.

    Frenchpress and Aeropress are ground on the same setting.


    Grown with love by great farmers. 100% Arabica coffee, harvested when ripe and carefully processed. Sustainable and fairly traded.


    freshly roasted, packed and shipped DHL to you


    Our standard bags contain 250g and are 100% recyclable. No mixed materials.


    Use your tried and tested recipe as a starting point for this roast, or get help from our Brew Guides.

    Deine 250g Tüte Blind Guardian Espressobohnen Blind Guardian Band Deine 250g Tüte Blind Guardian Majesty Roast Espresso Deine 250g Tüte Blind Guardian Majesty Roast Espresso

    Bloody Good Coffee

    – SINCE 2002

    Bloody Good Coffee

    Coffee is a fruit with many natural fruit acids. We roast our coffees to bring out these acids, but also to bring out the sweetness. When our roasters develop a flavour profile for a filter coffee, they make sure to use a slightly lower temperature. In our coffees, we bring out the natural flavour profile of each variety, but also of the terroir of Origin.

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