8000watt XMAS Espresso
Milk chocolate, Vanilla, Apricot

€64,00 / kg

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A collector's edition that no 8000watt fan can afford to miss: The 2021 Christmas Edition! Time 2 departure with El Angelo from El Salvador!

About the coffee

Finca El Angel was named after the first granddaughter of the father, Gerardo and Carlos Mendez Florez - the farm's current operators. It is a Custaleco variety: a Villa Sarchi x Timor hybrid cross. It was processed naturally and then dried on African beds for 25 to 30 days. The natural process, also known as the drying process, is an approach that originated in Ethiopia and goes back to basics. The fruit and bean dry together and can produce outstanding sweet and fruity flavours. While it requires less investment, it still requires certain climatic conditions to ensure timely drying of the fruit and seeds.

About the farm

Finca El Angel is located near the towns of Apaneca and Ataca at 1350 metres above sea level. The family farm has belonged to the Mendez Florez family since 2007. On the 120-hectare farm, Gerardo and Carlos Mendez Florez strive to produce excellent coffee from their family farms, using sustainable methods to protect the natural environment and social responsibility for all involved. The farm is shade-grown to protect the environment and birds, and to create special microclimates for ideal coffee cultivation.

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