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Italo Disco - Classic Espresso

Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Cherry Jam
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    Specialty coffee and fully automatic machines don't go together? We beg to differ. In recent years we've seen continuous improvements in the performance of fully automatic machines, so decided to take on the challenge and develop a fantastic specialty espresso for fully automatic machines.

    The roast profile is based on classic Italian roasts - with a strong roasted note and pleasant sweetness. Perfect for your fully automatic machine as well!

    The beans in Italo Disco are a Catuaí variety from Brazil. They come from the farm Santa Cecilia and are special because they bring all the flavor of the Peaberry to the cup. 

    About the farm

    Pedro Veloso is a third generation coffee producer. His family has been producing coffee in this privileged area for over 160 years. For the municipality of Carmo do Paranaíba, his activities are of great importance.
    This is due, in part, to the fact the very advanced set-up with high yield capacity: It is irrigated by a drip system with water intake from dams and reservoirs and has its own administration, workshop and quality laboratory. Pedro Veloso lives on site himself and structures his daily routine according to what happens on each farm. He spends his mornings visiting the farms and overseeing harvesting and processing. Then, later in the day, he takes care of business by going to the trading room in Carmo, where he personally handles calls with international clients.

    Our goal was to roast a coffee that can happily be brewed by a fully automatic machine, without losing any complexity, and that can still yield great results in an espresso machine or a Moka pot.

    Italo Disco is reminiscent of the Italian roasts of the 80s and 90s and spends a minute longer in the roasting drum. The result is a 100% Arabica coffee from the Santa Cecilia Farm in Brazil that comes across with surprising clarity and a powerful punch of dark chocolate paired with subtle fruity flavours of cherry jam and caramel.

    It's an excellent espresso, worthy of the title of specialty coffee, and one which can be prepared a myriad of different ways. Have fun!


    If you don't have a grinder at home, we'll be happy to grind the coffee to your specifications. Just click on your brewing option above or order whole beans.


    Cultivated with love by great farmers. 100% Arabica coffee, harvested when ripe and carefully processed. Sustainable and fairly traded.


    Freshly roasted, packed and shipped safely to you by DHL.


    Our standard bags contain 250g and are 100% recyclable. No mixed materials.


    Take your tried-and-tested recipe as a starting point for this roast, or get help from our Brew Guides.

    Mockup Vorderseite :19grams 8000watt Bella Italia Edition Mockup Rückseite :19grams 8000watt Bella Italia Edition

    Rick Zabel & 8000watt

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    Bloody Good Coffee

    – Since 2002


    Dark Chocolate, , Caramel, Cherry Jam

    Score: 85
    Sweetness: 4/5 Dunkle Schokolade
    Acidity: 1/5 integriert
    5/5 reich und cremig
    4/5 nussig

    Variety: Catuai PB
    Processing: Natural
    Harvesting Year: 2021
    Drying Time: 2 weeks

    Suggested brew recipe:
    1:2, 19g ground coffee to 40g espresso yield, brew time: 30-35 seconds. Also great in a fully automatic machine

    Map Santa Cecilia

    About the farm

    Santa Cecilia is a large, third-generation, family owned coffee farming Camp do Paranaíba.

    new partner
    Pedro Humberto Veloso
    Type of Farm:
    family-owned farm

    Region, Country: Minas Gerais, BR
    1100 mall
    Soil type: fertile soils
    Fertilisation method: organic
    Shadow Type: Nicht im Schatten gewachsen
    Processing location:
    on the farm
    Number of varieties: verschiedene
    Harvest season:
    May - Sept

    More about the farm

    Pedro Veloso ist Kaffeeproduzent in der dritten Generation. Seine Familie produziert seit über 160 Jahren Kaffee in dieser privilegierten Gegend. Für die Gemeinde Carmo do Paranaíba sind seine Aktivitäten von großer Bedeutung.

    Dies liegt unter anderem daran, dass es sich um ein sehr fortschrittliches Anwesen mit hoher Ertragsfähigkeit handelt: Es wird durch ein Tropfsystem mit Wasseraufnahme aus Dämmen und Reservoirs bewässert und besitzt eine eigene Verwaltung, eine eigene Werkstatt und ein eigenes Qualitätslabor. Pedro Veloso lebt selbst vor Ort und strukturiert seinen Tagesablauf nach dem Geschehen auf den jeweiligen Farmen. Er verbringt seine frühen Morgen damit, die Farmen zu besuchen und die Ernte und die Verarbeitung zu beaufsichtigen. Später am Tag kümmert er sich um die Geschäfte und geht dafür in den Handelsraum in Carmo, wo er sich persönlich um die Anrufe mit internationalen Kunden kümmert.

    Espresso läuft durch Siebträger in 19grams Tasse

    Bloody Good Espresso

    Coffee is a fruit with many natural fruit acids. Wir rösten unsere Espressos so, dass sie feine Säurelinien entwickeln, aber auch die Süße hervorheben. With our espresso roasts, we present the intense flavour profiles of different coffee origins. Discover our Single Origin Espressos - all 100% Aracabica coffees, carefully selected and gently roasted by our roasting team.

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