The Winter Menu 2023

We keep it seasonal not only with our coffees, but also with the ingredients of our dishes. So we change the menu twice a year, adapting it to the season's harvests.

This winter, spicy notes prevail, combined with classics like cauliflower. Homemade, of course!

Sweet Stuff

Our daily selection of baked goods at the counter

🌱: vegan 🌾: glutenfree

  • Baked Goods

    Brownie 🌾
    Peanut Butter Cookie 🌱🌾
    Caramel and Hazelnut Slice 🌾
    Granola Bar 🌱
    Slice of the month 🌾

    from 2€

  • Cakes

    Basque Cheesecake 🌾
    Lemon-Poppyseed Loaf
    Orange-Almond Loaf 🌾
    Banana-Walnut-Chocolate Loaf 🌱
    Sourdough Bananabread
    Carrot-Hazelnut Loaf 🌱
    Cake of the month 🌾

    from 3€

Deli & Brunch Menu

Kitchen hours: 9am-3pm

Payment by card only // No laptops at weekends

  • Toast

    Toast with butter and jam br/>Choose between 19grams Cakery Sourdough bread/Fruitbread /Rye Bread 6€


  • Rice Pudding 🌱🌾

    Sweet rice pudding, pecan praline, pomegranate, figs


  • Pakora Waffle 🌱

    Hearty chickpea waffle, spicy-crispy chickpeas, tamarind chutney, vegan raita, tomato chutney, herb salad


  • Roasted Aubergine

    Roasted aubergine, Parisian gnocchi, sautéed tomatoes, tahini, poached egg


  • Winter Salad

    Roasted sweet potato, rocket, spelt, goat's cheese, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts and sherry vinaigrette


  • Cauliflower Toast 🌱

    Lemon sumac roasted cauliflower, almond cream, fermented stone fruit vinaigrette, almond crumble, toasted sourdough bread from 19grams Cakery.


  • Sardines on Toast

    'Ortiz' sardines, romanesco lettuce, pickled onions, boiled egg, basil and white balsamic glaze, fried capers, toasted sourdough bread from 19grams Cakery.


  • Eggs Benedict 🌾

    Poached eggs, Herb-parmesan polenta, green pepper hollandaise, parmesan chips - choose between stout beef brisket or mushrooms



Can only be ordered as an addition to a main meal

  • Bacon 3,5€
    Poached Egg 2€
    Mushrooms 2€
    Extra Toast 2€
    Green Pepper Hollandaise 1,5€

Coffee & Drinks

  • Coffee

    Choose between Brodowin Milk or Oat Milk

    Espresso 2,6€
    Batch Brew 3€
    Double Espresso 3,2€
    Espresso Macchiato 3,3€
    Cortado 3,3€
    Cold Brew 3,5€
    Long Black 3,6€
    Double Espresso Macchiato 3,9€
    Cappuccino 3,9€
    Flat White 4,5€
    Latte 4,5€

    Extra Espresso 0,6€

  • Tea

    Loose Leaf Tea from P&T

    China Green 4€
    Linden 4€
    Pu Er Bai Ya 4€

    Fresh ginger 3,5€
    Fresh Mint 3,5€
    Homemade Chai Latte 4,5€
    Hot Chocolate 4,5€

  • Drinks

    Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice3,5€
    Fountain of Youth Coconut Water 4,5€
    Sparkling Water 2€
    Homemade Soda 4€
    Cold Brew Tonic/Espresso Tonic 4,5€

  • Booze

    Carlsberg 3,5€/5,5€
    Brooklyn Lager 4,5€
    Sekt 5€
    Mimosa 5€
    Aperol Spritz 7€

No Laptops on the weekend

On the weekend we are not available in the office. Thanks for your understanding.


Since 2002, 19grams has been one of the specialty coffee pioneers in Germany. Since then, we have grown continuously and now run four cafés and a roastery in the heart of Berlin. Our mission is the same: to speak eye-to-eye with farmers to source some of the most unique coffees for you - sustainably, ethically and transparently.

This is also how we work in our cafés: we place great value on the best quality, seasonality and regionality and source our milk from Brodowin, for example. All dishes are freshly prepared and our breads and cakes come fresh daily from the 19grams Cakery. We also follow a zero-waste approach.

Please inform our baristas of any intolerances or allergies; we're happy to find a way to create a meal that works for you. A list of allergens that may be present in the food can be found here. Gluten-free substitutes are available*. You can take your take-away with us in reusable vytals.