Die besten Kaffeebücher: 19grams' favourites

The Best Coffee Books: 19grams' favourites

Books about coffee, there are quite a few. You see them popping up more and more often in the industry these days: very good ones that you should definitely read. So, whether you're into specialty coffee seriously or just for fun, check out our selection of the best coffee books:

The World Atlas of Coffee, second edition
We can't talk about coffee books without mentioning the man himself, James Hoffmann. In his book, The World Atlas of Coffee, Hoffmann delves into the nuances of harvesting and processing, and how this contributes to your brew. Specialty coffee is a rapidly evolving industry, which Hoffmann keeps us on top of in The World Atlas of Coffee, featuring the addition of newer producing countries as well as updated data from those in the first edition.

How to Make the Best Coffee at Home
Whether you’re new to the home brew or a seasoned home barista, if you haven’t caught his charming YouTube reviews, you’re truly missing out. But not to worry, Hoffmann has put together a comprehensive guide on all things home brew. In How to Make the Best Coffee at Home, he breaks down the key elements of brewing, offers brew guides for all major brewing methods, and explains how best to buy for your brewing needs.

The Coffee Book
Anette Moldvaer, Square Mile co-founder and green coffee buyer, takes us on another bean to brew journey covering all aspects of coffee with
The Coffee Book. Moldvaer dedicates a hefty section to the main coffee producing countries, citing their history, botanical varieties and harvesting cycles. The Coffee Book equips you with the knowledge to make informed decisions when sourcing beans, and what to do with them after buying. Filled with stunning illustrations and helpful instructions, this book is perfect for both newbies and our more experienced brewers.

Coffee Milk Blood
Self-proclaimed “Chief Coffaholic,” Vava Angwenyi is the founder of B-corp company VAVA COFFEE, co-founder of GENTE DEL FUTURO (GDF), Q-grader and Advisory Committee member for the SCA’s sustainability council. She aims to improve prospects for coffee communities and the industry as a whole, ensuring sustainable livelihoods, producer profitability and next-generation involvement. Her book, Coffee Milk Blood, is a visual and narrative telling from the point of view of the producer, from the empowered women thriving in Kenyan coffee communities. We have heard about coffee production and processing from buyers and roasters, but not so often do we hear the story directly from the producers. Coffee Milk Blood is an alternative perspective to the heavily eurocentric sources of coffee knowledge.

Further reading...

The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee: Growing, Roasting, and Drinking, with Recipes by Caitlin Freeman, James Freeman, and Tara Duggan 

Sip 'n' Slurp: a Guide to Expert Coffee Tasting by Freda Yuan

The New Rules of Coffee by Jordan Michelman & Zachary Carlsen

Craft Coffee: A Manual: Brewing A Better Cup At Home by Jessica Easto with Andreas Willhoff

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